Build Your Dream Porsche 911

The classic 911 has a shape all its own. Though Stuttgart has built many incredible versions of the 911, some owners want to personalise their cars even further, taking inspirations from race cars or other sources.

Inspired by Early Porsche

Early Porsche 911 circuit racers and rally cars have inspired many sports-purpose replicas for the road. Contemporary recreations have taken on a life of their own in the reimagined classic Porsche 911s seen across Europe and the USA.

Tuthill Porsche can repair, restore and rebuild any classic Porsche 911, and we have vast experience of modifying 911s including:

  • Body conversions: early 911 ST or 2.8 RSR, 911R, impact-bumper Carrera, 3.0 RS, RSR, SC RS, Carrera RS
  • Backdate impact-bumper or 964 to early 911 styles as above
  • Complete interior conversions including leather-trimmed roll cage installations
  • Bespoke bolt-in roll cages or custom handmade metalwork
  • Ultimate suspension upgrades for fast road or track
  • Engine rebuilds and upgrades including 3.0 or 3.2 to 3.6-litre
  • Fuel and Throttle system changes and exhaust upgrades
Contact Tuthill Porsche to discuss your ideas for custom 911 builds on 01295 750 514 or email