First win of the season in Haspengouw Rally

The Tuthill-prepared Porsche 911 of Glenn Janssens and Tom de Geetere scored our first win of the 2018 season at the Haspengouw Rally in Belgium last weekend.

Looking resplendent in a brand new Monte Carlo Rally tribute livery, the car came home with all of its extremities intact: a rare event in Belgium, where square corners, high banks and deep ditches either side of the road usually claim at least one corner of bodywork.

In the end, it was the square corners that made the difference when Paul Lietaer’s winning Subaru Legacy RS – filling in as a stopgap for his broken Manta 400 – was disqualified for cutting corners with all four wheels off the course. Staying on the set course is the first rule of rallying, so we were pleased to be promoted from second to first.

“Any WRC Subaru clearly plays in a different category to an air-cooled Porsche 911, so it felt like were were the first real historic anyway,” said Glenn, who was happy to be back on the podium at home in Belgium.

“Rallying is rarely just about setting the fastest time at the end of a stage,” said Richard Tuthill. “Seasoned competitors know that it is a combination of elements, all of which must comply with the rules. Thanks to the organisers for applying the regulations fairly and above board. The Haspengouw Rally and Belgium in general always delivers terrific rallying, so we look forward to continuing the battle with the historic rally competitors here on future events.