Bespoke lightweight Porsche 911 SC in Minerva Blue

We’ve just finished reworking this LHD 1979 Porsche 911 SC to a bespoke client specification, producing an exciting classic Porsche road car with all the energy and excitement one expects from a Tuthill 911.

Porsche 911 bespoke Tuthill 1

Starting with an almost entirely rust-free LHD non-sunroof coupe, we removed the original aluminium bumpers and stripped the external body panels back to bare metal. The car had been painted more than once in its lifetime, so deserved a fresh coat of handsome and factory original Minerva Blue.

Porsche 911 bespoke Tuthill 2
While we waited for some lightweight SC RS-style EB Motorsport bumpers, the engine and transmission came out for inspection. We serviced the engine and also fitted kevlar shrouds and tinware, PMO carburettors and original air cleaner and a new twin-outlet exhaust to SSI manifolds. Minor tweaks elsewhere took the work to its exciting conclusion.

Porsche 911 SC bespoke Tuthill 3
The finished machine is a lighter, more dynamic 911 which goes as well as it looks and sounds absolutely fantastic. This late 1970s SC is ready to excite its new owner on arrival in its new US home. Contact us to discuss your own bespoke Porsche 911 build or classic Porsche tuning project.