Porsche 934 FIA sister car in build

We’ve been working on a sister car to the incredible Porsche 934 replica built by Tuthill Porsche that debuted at last year’s Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix. The second 934 will also carry FIA HTP papers, allowing it to compete in Europe’s most prestigious racing events.

Built in reasonable numbers through 1976 and 1977, the 934 was most famously raced in the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft (German Racing Championship) draped in iconic Jagermeister colours. The awesome 935 may have claimed more silverware over the years, but the 934’s wide-arched 911 styling earned it a special place in the hearts of grass roots Porsche enthusiasts.

Homologated at just under 1100 kilograms, 934s were never the lightest 911 racers. In accordance with Group 4 regulations, the fibreglass front and rear spoilers and wheel arch extensions envelop standard steel bodywork and luxury trimmings including electric windows are retained, so the car needs all the grunt possible from its turbocharged flat-six.

Stuttgart boosted performance as much as it could with water-cooled inlet manifolds, bringing power for the early cars close to 500 bhp. Dyno testing our our first 934 was an exciting experience and there is more than enough power for the car to be fun around the tight and twisty street circuit at the Danish capital.

Body shell fabrication and metalwork on this latest 934 build still has a way to go before the car can be sent to the bodyshop for preparation and paint. Engine and transmission build permitting, we should have the car ready for the 2018 Copenhagen Historic in August this year. More updates later.