Classic Motorsport

Early Porsche 911 circuit racers and rally cars have inspired many sports-purpose replicas. Short wheelbase 911s have gone the route of the 911R, or towards original rally cars driven at Monte Carlo by heroes like Björn Waldegård. Long wheelbase cars have become ST replicas or RSR recreations.

We've built many versions of all of these classic Porsche motorsport heroes. The high quality of Tuthill Porsche racing cars can be seen in their reliability, our results and the respect our cars are afforded across the world, both in competition and in the used car market.

Scrutineer Approval

For a race or rally car, the approval comes from the scrutineers. Track day or stage rally scrutineers will be first to see the car on a shakedown and check all is well. When the driver decides where to race, another set of scrutineers step in to decide the car is eligible for the rules of their championship.

FIA Papers & Technical Passport

FIA approval - the Technical Passport - is the holy grail of classic Porsche cars used in competition. Built to strict standards, FIA cars have more race options and are usually worth quite a bit more than cars without an FIA Technical Passport.

Everything built by Tuthill Porsche for competition complies with FIA rules from the start. if you're thinking of building an FIA-papered Porsche, you need to talk to Tuthills. Give Richard Tuthill a call to discuss on 01295 750 514.