Tuthill Porsche's Below Zero Ice Driving offers the ultimate ice driving experience for all abilities, from the fun-seeking novice to the seasoned competition professional.

All of our training takes place in bona-fide Tuthill Porsche historic rally cars: these are not worn-out road cars with afterthought roll cages. An unmodified Below Zero ice Driving Porsche on competition tyres won the 2014 Mini Tour Britannia! The driver was a former ice driving student.

Meticulously prepared lake circuits lined by cushioned snow banks, fully studded tyres and world-class instruction make Tuthill Porsche ice driving unforgettable. Our courses have on-site mechanics, experienced in WRC competition and our instructors have competed and won at the highest levels. We use the same stunning facility in Are, Sweden as many manufacturer winter test programmes. It's a beautiful spot!

We will teach you how to drive our user-friendly cars to the limit. You will learn how to steer using just the throttle and how to corner sideways! What’s more, we will let you have all day behind the wheel to perfect it! All training is at your own pace and no one offers more seat time than Below Zero Ice Driving. Contact Tim Scarff at Tuthill HQ on +44 (0) 1295 750 514.