20 Dec 2019

Audi Servicing in Oxfordshire

Tuthill Porsche for Volkswagen and Audi Servicing: Banbury to Bicester

A rare bird entered the workshop today, in the shape of an Audi Allroad 2.7 TDi. We service a lot of local Audi and VW cars but this big 4×4 estate had come up from slightly further away, for annual maintenance, and help with a baffling electrical problem.

The Allroad is a terrific vehicle for the countryside. That slightly elevated driving position gives a decent view over the top of hedgerows, and the cabin is as comfortable a place as you could wish for beyond your own front room. The big TDI engine has a lot of power and the chassis can certainly handle it. Yes, it is a terrific car, until it goes wrong.

The problem with this one was electrics gone in the centre console. A blown fuse was found but didn’t fix it: more likely consequence than cause. The rear wash wipe not working was a worry: sometimes the feed to the washers can freeze, splitting the pipe internally and pouring washer fluid down on top of the main chassis control unit in the boot. But no fault found there either.

In the end, a full oil service with new brakes and overhauled suspension was how it finished the day. Further fault finding will have to wait until the morning.