1972 Porsche 911 Carrera RS build approaches completion

As work begins on our latest bespoke Porsche 911 build, another special order project approaches completion: this wonderful Porsche 911 Carrera RS recreation. Based on a 1972 911 shell, the car was commissioned by a German client and racer as a special classic Porsche road car.

The distinctive side oil flap – unique to 1972 model year cars and so beloved amongst 911 enthusiasts – is a tell-tale feature of the base car’s provenance. Attention to vintage detail is carried right through the project, with original-specification suspension and brakes retained, using new parts throughout, including all the lines and hoses. A brand new but period correct wiring harness has also been used in this build, giving this 911 the right look under the bonnet and reliable electrics for the future.

The cabin will receive a new headlining as part of its re-trim and we’ve added plenty of sound deadening to bolster comfort levels on long trips. The owner already has several racier models, so this one is built purely for pleasure. Other touches such as the chrome bumper trims, front oil cooler blank and that characteristic early car ducktail suit the Light Ivory bodywork perfectly.

We’re excited to get this one re-assembled with a fully refinished cabin, freshly rebuilt engine and transmission and take it for its first road test! It is a real privilege to experience what is essentially a brand new 911, brought back to as-new condition more than forty years after the car was first built.