2019 Safari Classic Rally Rest Day Report

We’ve reached the mid-point of the 2019 East African Safari Classic Rally, which means it’s time for the traditional ‘rest day’. Rest day applies only to drivers and co-drivers in the Tuthill Porsche team, who catch up on sleep, sit by the pool or head off on Safari for the day. Meanwhile, the mechanics have a six-hour extended service to strip and check the cars and get them ready for the second half of the rally: twelve more brutal stages that will push them to the limit, or possibly beyond.

“The word rest doesn’t really apply to what’s going on here,” says Richard. “The cars are all lined up, having been washed this morning. Subject to whatever we think is necessary, we go to work and we have six hours. Welders are a bit of a giveaway, so there’s a little bit of that going on. There’s a major tyre sort-out to manage: we’re only allowed thirty-six tyres on the entire event, so we need to check where we’re at half-way.

“Although this looks like a hive of activity, the cars are generally in good shape. We have changed a couple of gearboxes for precaution, we’ve done one top mount repair on a car and we’re rebuilding all the dampers. Rest day is a pretty significant effort from the guys.”

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