Porsche 911 Turbo Engine Rebuild at Tuthills

We’ve just completed our third 911 Turbo engine rebuild of the last few weeks: Turbos in need of some TLC seem to be everywhere at the moment.

The 930 is one of those classic 911s you either get or not. While most people are seduced by the comely curves of the classic 911 widebody, not all who get the chance to sit in the driver’s seat fully appreciate the nature of the 930. Is it sports car, is it GT car, is it performance powerhouse or is simply a matter of “he who has the biggest torque curve wins”?

The truth is, in the right hands, a 911 Turbo is all of these. As a sports car, a skilled driver can manage the revs and boost to make it very difficult to shake off over challenging terrain. As a GT, even when equipped with the bulletproof four-speed gearbox, the 930 covers big distances effortlessly, and staying light on boost helps keep fuel consumption sensible also.

For performance, the Turbo’s CIS can handle up to 500bhp reliably if tuned by someone who knows how the system works and how to get the best from it, using the correct fuelling setup. And of course, the 911 Turbo has the biggest torque curve bar none, especially when tuned a little harder, as the freshly rebuilt engine seen here has been.

Over 35 years after it was first released upon an awestruck motoring public, the 930 is still a car that turns heads,  no matter what company it happens to be keeping. One for the serious enthusiast, for sure.