Porsche 911 Targa Roof: Soft Window v Sliding Panel

Tuthill Porsche at Wardington recently enjoyed the company of a pair of very fine 911 Targas, from opposite ends of the 911 bloodline.

The beautiful 1967 Bahama Yellow 911 seen here is one of the first 911 Targas manufactured. Introduced by Porsche for the 1967 model year, the soft window Targa featured a zip-out plastic rear screen, aimed at owners who wanted the wind in their hair, and greater involvement with that flat six symphony.

Porsche soon discovered that in fact, most Targa owners preferred to leave the rear window zipped in place to avoid buffeting. The manufacturer developed the solid glass rear screen, which remained available on Targas up to the 964 model.

With the 993, and subsequently the 996 Targa (also here at the minute), Porsche altered their approach to the Targa concept. Glass manufacture and panel bonding technology had evolved to the point where glass was being used as a structural component, so Porsche decided to use the new materials to best effect, designing a full glass roof and longer rear screen for Targa models. The huge sliding centre panel kept that wind-in-the-hair feel and the new structure retained more of the rigidity of the fixed-roof coupé.

The Targa twins prove that Porsche is never standing still, but always improving their beloved 911 model: the greatest sports car ever built. And now it’s gone back to the classic Targa roof layout with the brand new Porsche 991 Targa! Excellent.