Another Tuthill Porsche European Rally Win

European news! Another blistering effort last weekend by Belgium’s Glenn Janssens with co-driver Tom de Geetere saw the boys take a class win on the Wervik Rally. The win in Historic was complemented by third overall behind a current S2000 Peugeot, and a 320hp F2000 BMW Compact.

Wervik is another tight thrash through the lanes of West Flanders, along the border with France. Though some stages start on nice wide Tarmac, the rally soon diverts onto farm tracks, cobbled back roads and rutted asphalt pathways. It’s a surface mix that can prove treacherous for the inexperienced: knowing where to push and when to hold the car in check comes in handy here.

Freddie Loix was driving a Peugeot 207 WRC as a test for Ypres. Viaene was also testing for Ypres, in an S2000 207. There were plenty of super quick Group N cars, as well as Frenchman Paul Chieusse driving his 307 WRC car on the event. Loix and Chieusse both retired, along with a plethora of Subaru and Mitsubishi machinery.

When the chequered flag fell, it was Matthias Viaene’s 207 that led across the line, followed by the M3-engined RWD BMW, with P3 Glenn just 60 seconds off the winning time. The only other top ten historic was an eighth-place Opel.

Wervik was not a championship event: the next one is the Geko Ypres Rally on June 21st. Janssens continues to lead the Belgian Historic Championship by four points from Johan Dekens. Running Wervik to stay in shape between championship rallies shows the team is focussed on taking this year’s title.

Here’s some great in-car video from Team Janssens’ Tuthill Porsche. Nice mix of terrain and good speed on all surfaces: car and driver working well together, with help from the man in the other front seat.