Around the world in a classic Porsche 911

The 1971 Porsche 911T of Chris Koch and Madalina Ene recently set off from Tuscany in Italy on a fantastic round-the-world drive. The journey began at the Relais Villa Olmo near Florence and the duo are now in Switzerland, winding their way north through Europe, en route to Scandinavia.

The 2.2-litre 911 was serviced and inspected here at Wardington before the tour began and had a few modifications to Chris’s specification. As the 911T is not a fully-fledged rally car, their “ultimate round-the-world road trip” will challenge the car and its crew, which is the aim of the endeavour.

Chris and Madalina previously owned an Irish Green 912, which they took on a tour of the Balkans as part of a longer history of motoring adventure. The Balkan trip made a great story on Petrolicious and no doubt the new adventure will attract even more attention.

Once through Europe, the route touches Iceland before the car ships to Newfoundland for the North American part of the journey. After a loop through South America, the car will skip across to southern Africa before sailing for New Zealand, crossing into Australia, on to Japan and from there to mainland Asia. The remainder of the route will be all about crossing Eurasia and arriving back in Italy.

While Chris and Madalina have not released a precise route map or schedule, many of their visas will be time limited, requiring a proactive approach to maintenance to keep the classic Porsche on the road. We look forward to following their progress on their website at or via their Instagram channel, @road.911.