Tuthill prepares for Belgium’s Haspengouw Rally

We’ve been preparing the former Belgian Historic Rally Championship-winning Group 4 Porsche 911 SC for its first outing of 2018, on the 21st edition of the famous Haspengouw Rally.

Held to the north west of Liege over the weekend of February 23-24, Haspengouw blends modern and historic rally cars to serve up a treat for spectators. Fabia R5s are the favourites in the premier league, while the historic BMW E30 M3 has its own M Cup section to compete in. Porsche 911s are popular on the event, with Patrick Snijers one of three competitors set to run a modern GT3, while Patrick Mylleville and our own Glenn Janssens will do battle for the Historic victory.

Glenn’s car has had an overhaul for this event, with engine and transmission both stripped and inspected. The car has also had a facelift: the former grey/blue livery giving way to our second replica of the Almeras Monte winner from 1978. The car looks great in simple paint while it awaits full livery before setting off for Belgium.

Belgium is always an excellent country to rally in and this event close to the Dutch border is one of our favourites. We look forward to a fun weekend in Europe on our first event of the season.