Latest Bespoke Build: Backdated 911 RSR

Our latest bespoke Porsche build has just entered the fabrication workshop. Based on a left hand-drive 1984 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera, the project is to backdate the impact-bumper 911 to the pre-’73 look, with traditional long bonnet and wider wheel arches, in the style of the 2.8 RSR.

The project is being completed for a longstanding friend and client who has owned this 3.2 for many years. Stripping the car revealed a pleasant surprise: an almost total lack of rust apart from small sections in the usual hot spots which needed replacement. Other than that, the car is wonderfully solid and will be a wonderful machine when finished.

Parts replaced by our metal legends include the kidney bowls on both sides and sections of the outer sills, which were replaced using newly-released genuine Porsche panels, rather than the pattern parts which were previously the only option. The fit of the Porsche panels is excellent, with no filler required to create a smooth join after the replacement: it is all metal.

The debate at the minute is whether to disturb the wonderfully solid shell and cut the front panel out to be replaced by an early panel, accommodating the long hood slightly easier. We are leaning towards keeping things as they are and fabricating a longer handle for the early hood. This 35 year-old has made it this far and stayed in great condition, so why chop into the fabric of a solid and original Porsche for the sake of stretching a couple of fingers once in a while.

The conversion will use steel arches and lightweight bumpers. We’ll share more details as the project continues!