Bespoke Classic Porsche Build and Restoration

A week of bright, crisp winter mornings was all the inspiration required to take two Tuthill Porsche 911s out for a run in the hills around Wardington.

The cars seen here are two of our most recent classic Porsche road cars, built by Tuthill Porsche to the personal specifications of the owners. We have been building bespoke 911s for years, including some very famous Porsche hot rods: scarcely a week goes by without a phone call regarding the Viper Green ST built by Tuthill Porsche for Chris Harris.

Tuthill Porsche custom 911 build 5

These two 911s were born of a similar process. Based on bodyshells carrying the hallmarks of the iconic 1972 model year, they are differently set up but each reflects the owner’s purpose and personality.

The Yellow Porsche 911 ST is a classic fast road, track day and occasional race car that is also capable of summer touring. Built stiff with a welded roll cage and lightweight with some composite bodywork, this car runs a special engine build that really pushes the 911 along at private members events on iconic race circuits.

Tuthill Porsche custom 911 build 4

The Slate Grey 911 has a different style. Still capable of some track day work, this is more road focused: a potential daily driver. With a fully restored body painted in Steve McQueen’s favourite factory colour, it has many custom interior touches that set it apart from the ordinary.

Our very own in-house restoration department and the highly experienced body shop at Wardington are ready to prepare any 911 shell to your precise colour. Options including hand-trimmed interiors, modern wiring looms, upgraded brakes, perfectly machined gear shift systems and much-improved cabin ventilation can all be combined to build a unique classic Porsche road car.

Tuthill Porsche custom 911 build 6

Contact Paul Green at Tuthill Porsche to discuss a bespoke classic 911 build set up for your specific requirements. We have base cars in stock and are always ready to start a new project!