Boxster Servicing at Tuthill Porsche

Porsche’s Boxster is a popular car. The mid-engined roadster gives a great drive for reasonable outlay, compared to the ever increasing prices for an air-cooled car in good condition.

The Boxster seen here is an S model with quite low mileage. It’s been very well maintained throughout its life, but still required some attention when it came to Tuthill Porsche for servicing this week.

Generally reliable, Boxsters are easy to price for menu servicing. We do an annual service for circa £350, which covers most service items. On this car, we had some additional work to do on the driveshafts. Porsche brake calipers have a reputation for getting sticky and Boxsters can suffer a bit from that. This one needed new pads and the bleed nipples had seized, so that required attention.

Boxsters can build up quite a bit of dust and dirt under the engine cover. It’s difficult to keep the area immaculate, as steam cleaning the engine can put muck on the hood and in the cabin. This car had a few dry metal noises from the engine compartment, which turned out to be alternator bearings failing. We fitted a rebuilt part, which solved the problem.

Everything else was Porsche-perfect. This car lives in Hampshire, so the owner had a good drive home in the late afternoon sunshine: great to see customers coming to Tuthill Porsche from all over the country.

If you’ve got a Boxster that deserves special attention from one of the UK’s most respected names in classic Porsche, give us a call on 01295 750 514. We’re happy servicing all Porsche road cars: not just air-cooled. We offer wi-fi and coffee for those who want to work on site while we look at the car, or the Internet cafes of Banbury are not too far away.