Tuthill Porsche build new classic 911

Building a Special Porsche 911

If there’s anyone out there building more classic Porsche 911s from scratch in 2013, we’d love to hear about it!

The fabrication workshop here at Tuthill Porsche in Wardington has been going full-tilt since we came back in January, and there’s no let up in output ahead. Our post from last week showing the current Belgian champion rolling one of our cars at over 100 mph demonstrates how big shunts and survivability is always a consideration in rallying, so we can’t afford to get complacent, either.

Balancing the need for quality metalwork versus the need to keep the speed up takes skilled craftsmen, and we’re fortunate to have some great people on our team here in Oxfordshire, helping that happen. That said, we’re always on the look out for more talented fabricators, so keep those CVs coming and get on our personnel list.

This 911 shell currently in build is a widebody Porsche RSR-style Safari car with one of our mega engines on board: should be wonderful to drive. We can’t wait to see these Porsches in the African desert on the East African Safari Classic this November!