Chris Harris Viper Green Porsche 911 ST

An old friend recently returned to Wardington: Chris Harris’ ST replica, which was widely featured in Autocar magazine and on Chris’ popular video slots, has come home to be fettled before sale.

This beautiful car was an epic build. The all-steel bodywork took hundreds of man hours to complete. It had the best of everything: suspension, brakes, drivetrain (this car has a G50 gearbox installed), interior, wheels, tyres, in-car entertainment – nothing was too much for the Viper Green ST.

Building the engine was an interesting. Our engine shop went through three development iterations before settling on the current configuration: 3.4 litres, built on a late 3.2 bottom end in a highly modified crank case.

Stock con rods and rockers are reliable up to all but the craziest rev limits, so we used new factory parts here. We stayed with 98mm cylinders, but installed different Mahle pistons.

Our own Jenvey throttle bodies and Omex engine management package supplies fuel and air, through big valve heads controlled by classic GE80 cams with race springs. The result is similar horsepower to our 3.0 rally engines (300 bhp+), but with more torque.

An engine making this much power needs lots of oil, quickly and reliably, so we fitted our race oil system including the famous ‘Triangle‘ competition oil tank for maximum flow at all times.

This is the fastest normally-aspirated 911 yet built at Wardington. Tested side-to-side with a new BMW M3, this car was quicker. It was an open-budget build that nowadays would cost in the region of £150,000 to construct. Our selling price is closer to half that sum.

If you’re in the market for a bespoke early 911, blessed with huge development investment  and now for sale at a sensible price, then email us at, or call us here on 01295 750 514.