Tuthill shakes down Chrome Rally Porsche 911

We recently enjoyed a shakedown on the chrome-painted Race4Change 911: the first of three Tuthill Porsches to be delivered to the Race4Change Safari Rally effort.

Race4Change founder, Steve Funk, stopped off en route to Kenya especially for the shakedown. At the end of a long day’s driving, the feedback was positive, driver was happy and the pictures looked great: thumbs up all ’round.

Tuthill Porsche is a partner in the 2011 Race4Change Safari Rally effort. We’ve put our money where our mouth is and committed a notable percentage of set up costs for a number of reasons; two in particular.

Firstly, Funk’s vision of microfinance empowering the poor and driving better education, better standards of living and a better quality of life for all of us has been proven to work. Microfinance – the provision of low cost financial services to those below the poverty line – is a force for great change. There’s one reason Tuthill are supporting this amazing project.

The second is that, crazy as it sounds, no 911 has ever won the Safari Rally. Anyone who has been here knows what an incentive that is here at Wardington.

Winning isn’t everything, but the anticipation of another attempt on the Classic Safari Rally is a big part of our sense of purpose, as we finish the other two Race4Change cars, complete shakedown tests and ready our operation to be shipped to Africa.

If you’re also excited by the prospect of a 911 win in Kenya, support Funk and his work by making a donation at www.Race4Change.org/donate. It takes ten seconds and you get to play a part in the road ahead! We’re on board: you should be too.