Classic Porsche 911 project build: 2.7-litre RS engine

One of the great things about working here at Tuthill Porsche is the variety of work that comes through our Oxfordshire workshops. Not only do we handle servicing, engine and gearbox rebuilds, bodywork and parts sales, we also build and maintain a number of bespoke 911s, featuring some very specialist parts wrapped up in highly individual packages.

This lovely little 1973 911T is a perfect example. Francis originally supplied the rust-free chassis from his own stock of cars for sale and the new owner set to it with gusto, applying many of the sports-purpose modifications chosen by the factory for the works rally cars back in the day.

The T now runs one of our custom rear roll bars with provision for harnesses, as well as a period sports interior, fully overhauled suspension and upgraded brakes similar to our own excellent billet brake kit, which bolts on to all 911s up to 1989.

Clever car builders always add horsepower last, and this owner did the same.

A popular power boost for the early cars is to transplant an engine from something else. Many of our customers have chosen the reliable and powerful 3.0 litre motor from the redoubtable 911 SC, but that was not quite special enough for our T owner.

Spotting a 1974 2.7 Carrera Targa for sale in need of a complete restoration, he negotiated a deal and bought the complete car (the 2.7 Carrera runs the same engine as the legendary ’73 911 Carrera RS). Selling the old T engine and gearbox, and the Targa’s rolling shell, greatly offset the cost of the RS engine and gearbox, turning the 911T into something special for far less than a fresh-build motor would have cost.

After checking the components carefully, we gave both a thorough service, freshened up the obvious bits and installed the upgraded drivetrain in the car. Our engine builder pronounced himself very pleased with the finished product. Top marks all ’round!