Classic Porsche Service at Tuthill Porsche

Sunny scenes in the Tuthill Porsche service department this morning, as Mark gets to work on a very smart 1987 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Coupe.

Introduced in 1983 for the ’84 model year, the 3.2 Carrera almost never was. At the end of the 1970s, Porsche had planned to removed the 911 from its catalogue and replace it with the 928, but new MD, Peter Schutz, put paid to that idea and ordered the long-stalled 911 development programme to be restarted.

This gave rise to developments on the 1978-1983 911SC line including more engine power, but it was not until the 3.2 Carrera arrived that we really began to see the fruits of Porsche engineering’s work. Updates included a rise in engine capacity and a huge jump in fuel injection management from Bosch K-Jet to Bosch Motronic, with further changes to the 911s braking, suspension and ventilation systems.

As the model line matured, so did the transmission with a move to the G50 gearbox for the 1987 model year. Though these gearboxes are bigger and heavier, the internals were a step up into the modern age from the older 915 transmissions. The G50 comes with an hydraulic clutch, which some drivers prefer, but it also has an internal shift guide, which makes gear selection far more positive.

While many drivers prefer the fluid and ‘Porsche-like’ 915 transmission in the earlier 3.2 models, particularly the 1986 cars that brought many engineering improvements and upgrades, for many others, it is the G50 Carreras which sum up the breed. Whichever one you prefer, buying the right car and treating it to decent regular servicing is essential to getting the most from your classic Porsche: both in terms of investment and driving enjoyment.

Tuthill Porsche services all models of classic Porsche, so call us to discuss your service requirements on 01295 750514. Few things are more confidence-inspiring on a classic 911 than Tuthill Porsche stamps in the history.