Classic Porsche Service Workshop Oxfordshire

Business is going along nicely in the Porsche servicing workshop here at Wardington. Spring is coming and people are bring their 911 and classic Audi Quattro road cars along for servicing before the classic season starts.

2010 is also the year of the Classic Le Mans event: a real pilgrimage for Porsche owners from all over Europe. Members of all the UK’s classic Porsche clubs are gearing up for group trips to the event. Many of the cars from these forums will come to Tuthills for service and final fettling, in anticipation of a reliable road trip to France and back.

Seen here is the 1976 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 of Porsche journalist and Ferdinand Porsche Magazine owner John Glynn, maintained by Tuthills and recently serviced ahead of the arrival of spring. Nothing says “I’m a classic 911 fan” more than Tuthill stamps in the service history so, if you want to book your car in for a service, have us check out a suspect noise or get your suspension and tracking set up to extract the most from an upcoming road trip, just give us a ring on 01295 750 514 to arrange.

Remember we also service water cooled cars including the Porsche Boxster and 996. Tuthill Porsche maintenance often comes in cheaper than many so-called ‘bargain menu servicing’ options. Call us for more information on 01295 750 514.