Dashing Danglards finish P2 on Peking to Paris

The 2019 Peking to Paris Rally reached the finish line in Place Vendome yesterday. Event specialists, Gerry Crown and Matt Bryson, claimed their third win on the 9,000-mile Eurasian epic and we’re delighted to announce that intrepid adventurers, David and Susan Danglard, came home second overall in their Tuthill-built Porsche 911 (above).

“After 36 days on the road in the most punishing rally of its kind, the corks popped and the champagne flowed in front of a huge crowd that had gathered to see the cars arrive in Paris,” reported the Enduro Rally website. “Over the course of a very hot afternoon, tears were shed, loved ones embraced and fellow competitors were congratulated. Whatever their finishing position, everyone who crosses the finish line is a winner in the Peking to Paris book of reckoning.”

Finishing this rally is a sizeable achievement but to finish on the podium takes focus, determination and a tough and reliable car. Every day on the 36-day Peking to Paris Rally brings a fresh opportunity for trouble and few crews sidestep them all. Finishing second overall after driving half way around the world is a tremendous achievement: we send huge congratulations to David and Susan.

Hearty congratulations also go to our friends, Renée Brinkerhoff and Calvin Cooledge, who also took the chequered flag in the wonderful 1956 Porsche 356A. Engine problems struck the car as the rally entered Mongolia and Francis Tuthill flew to Russia twice to strip and partially rebuild the car’s engine, which had been badly damaged by sand and dust entering the works when an air filter was left unseated after end-of-day checks.

The wear the engine suffered over just a few hours of operation was worse than anyone could have imagined. Thanks to tens of litres of oil picked up along the route and some TLC from Francis in Novosibirsk and then again in St Petersburg, the car remained in the rally and eventually reached the finish line. Renée can cross off another event on the wonderful 356 World Rally Tour and we look forward to supporting the car on its next outing: the East African Safari Classic Rally in November/December.

Photos by Gerard Brown/EnduroRally.com