Early 911 Heaven

Good times here at Francis Tuthill’s Porsche Workshop today, as we had no less than four beautiful early 911s in for attention in our road car section.

Red is always a popular colour, but how many early cars do you know that are still running their original paint? The one in the top left is. It’s a little SWB road and regularity rally car, in for an engine refresh. Beautiful.

The white Targa is another stunner. That chrome bar at the back is oh-so-right with the black hood and tidy paintwork. Early Targas just shout ‘Roll on Summer!’

On the ramp to the right is Fran’s own S, mentioned on the news blog a few days ago. Behind it is a glorious hot rod 911 ST, featuring the classic Fuchs and Minilite combination, with a through-the-bonnet filler cap. Built for a very special customer of ours a few years ago, it still comes back for a check up every now and then.

On days like these, you walk into the workshop, look around, sniff the air, rich in early Porsche and say “yes, today is a good day.”

How cool is it to work in these conditions? We love it!