Early 911 service day at Tuthill Porsche

We’ve been servicing a lot of Porsche Boxster and 996-model 911s lately, so it was nice to see the workshop full of early Porsche 911s yesterday.

The black car is a lovely Italian-registered 2.4 S, in for some last minute fettling, and to have some badly-installed immobiliser switches removed, before setting off for a new owner. This is a fabulous car to look at: the combination of black paint and light beige trim is unique and beautiful, as one would expect from the home of style.

The beige car is a very pretty short wheelbase 911, owned by one of the UK’s leading 911 enthusiasts, who is a great friend of Tuthill Porsche. The car has been with us for some fine tuning on the carburettors. Out of shot is our lambda probe, nicely warmed up following a road test.

The Tangerine car is a little bit secret. You’ll have to stay tuned for news of that one in future bulletins.

Scenes like this take a mind back in time. I remember once upon a time, all this was fields and pre-’73 Porsche 911s. Those early Tuthill days were good times!