Francis Tuthill Morgan Trike 3-wheeler Restoration

Rear-engined air-cooled met the British equivalent yesterday when Francis dragged his Morgan three-wheeler out for its annual MOT, and sprint along the lanes of Oxfordshire.

Francis is an inveterate tinkerer, with a fascination for off-the-wall engineering. VW Beetles have long been a Tuthill passion, along with early 911 and 356 Porsche (he owns a 356 Carrera GT and a few four-cam engines), but as a proud Briton he is not averse to English engineering, especially contrary contraptions like this.

Fran’s Mog is a 1935 Super Sports Aero with the Barrelback body. It’s a 3-speed with the 1-litre Matchless engine. The propshaft runs through the cabin between the seats: this is as rudimentary as motoring gets!

Morgan made the three-wheeler from 1910 to 1952: not as long as the 911 has been in production, but not too shabby for an independent manufacturer battling through two World Wars and the associated hard times. All three-wheelers had independent front suspension, but not all had the exposed engine or two-seat body of Francis’ car.

Here’s a little video of a three-wheeler on a run, post restoration. This is being driven like an old dame deserves: Francis is a bit more on it – hence Richard’s inability to resist a passenger ride. Boys and their toys!