Francis Tuthill Porsche Collection: 1968 Porsche 911 LWB

A rare visitor to our road workshop today, in the shape of one of Francis’ very own cars.

This one is his 1968 911S: one of the very first long wheel base cars built – only a handful made in that model year.

The car was found partially disassembled in the USA a long time ago and brought back to the UK. With only 8k miles on the clock and the paintwork in almost-new condition, it’s a stunner.

The 2.0S engine is untouched. “It’s like any 2.0 car,” notes Tuthill Senior. “Nothing until 5,000 rpm and then it all gets going. Unfortunately the stock gear ratios make it hard work in really twisty lanes, so it could ideally do with one of our custom gearbox builds. But it’s still a lovely thing.”

Custom gearbox build in a nice, original 911S: another job for the “when I retire” to-do list. But, will he ever put “retire” on the current to-do list? Thankfully, it’s not a priority as yet!