Historic East African Safari Rally Video

Playing around on Youtube, I found this video of the Safari Rally from many years ago.

It shows Hannu Mikkola in the Mercedes 450 SLC on a long, sweeping straight through the Kenyan bush. Hannu is on it, but not all the way, as is the skill with Safari rallying.

I can imagine running one of our Porsche 911s or Mikkola’s Mercedes through the bush, but not the Hillman Husky also shown in the video. It’s bad enough working on those cars in a nice dry garage; trying to jack one up in the desert to fix a broken front suspension would be torturous.

A good friend of mine is into historic Zodiac rally cars. It’s like working on a battleship versus the simple, lithe Porsche. No doubt classic Fords have their history, but I guess it shows what a revolution the 911 was all those years ago: a little sports car that was built like a tank, but didn’t drive like one.

Thank heavens Francis got into Porsche all those years ago, and not Landcrabs or Hillman Avengers. I know they have their fans, but life is hard enough!