Tuthill Porsche rally car build

Latest Safari 911 leaves Tuthill Porsche

Tuthill Porsche’s latest Safari Porsche 911 build has flown the nest. The car was trailered to Calais yesterday afternoon, to be taken onwards to Morocco by the owner for the Morocco Historic from May 13-18.

First drive in a pristine Safari car is a mega experience. Gleaming in the morning sun at Wardington, a last-minute road test to check final MFI settings on this rally Porsche was a pleasure. Heads turn and thumbs raise: everyone loves a classic red Porsche.

Morocco will serve as a baptism for car and its new owner, Sweden’s Jan Hagman. Jan raced Fords back in the day, enjoying a run of four World Championship events in an Escort RS through the early 1980s, with a decent finish on the 1980 Swedish Rally.

This is Jan’s first Porsche. He came to us via a recommendation from our mutual friend, Björn Waldegård. Thanks to Björn for making the introduction and here’s to fun times with Jan, co-driver Robert Jakobsson and this glorious Tuthill Porsche 911.