Lime Green Porsche 911 RSR Rally Build

Building a Porsche 911 rally car is a thrilling process. We start with a car that was manufactured thirty or more years ago and sold to a solicitor, doctor, banker or similar. In disassembly, we come to understand its life story: how it’s been treated throughout its existence.

When its life began, the Porsche was treated with some respect. But, as the years rolled by, many of our cars fell into the hands of different owners, who added their own flavours by way of different radios, different seats, steering or road wheels.

Sometimes, people have changed the bodywork. We recently started building on what looked like an impact bumper shell, but the chassis number said was an earlier car. The 1973 shell had suffered: a vast hole had been cut in the roof panel, removing any ounce of strength, and the rear arches had been sliced, with overlapping sections welded in and then shaped with filler to give an RSR look. It was horrible, and we’re delighted to report it’s been sorted.

Giving these mistreated cars a new lease of life is exciting. We usually suggest a lively colour for the reborn Porsches that come out of Wardington and have built a lot of cars running vibrant paint schemes, but this recent London to Sydney Porsche build might be the most electric yet!

Though we understand why people paint their rally cars white, it’s always great to meet an owner who wants to do things differently. Lime Green on an RSR-look 911 shell is officially totally brilliant! More pics coming up later.