Midnight Sun Porsche Rally Week

It’s that time of year when we put some hardcore rally 911s on trailers and head north for Sweden’s summer thaw, and the Midnight Sun Rally.

First run in 1950, the Midnight Sun Rally (or Midnattssolsrallyt) lived on until 1964, when it lost out to bigger gatherings. In 2006, it was reborn as an historic event: Tuthill cars have attended ever since.

The rally starts and ends in Västerås, one of northern Europe’s oldest cities. Established in Viking times, Västerås is amongst Sweden’s most important trade centres, thanks to its location astride the River Svartån and beautiful Lake Mälaren. Though Special Stage 1 takes place on Tarmac, the rest of Midnight Sun has a varied character, running through very different countryside, on hard and loose gravel surfaces.

Homologated rally cars up to and including 1981 can take part in this event. Tuthill Porsche is supporting three 911s just refurbed at Wardington and owned by renowned racer, David von Schinkel: a 2.8 RS-bodied car on high butterflies, a 2.9-litre on low butterflies and our just-finished 911 Turbo/930 rally car.

Two former Rally World Champions (and recent winners of the Midnight Sun) will drive the normally aspirated cars: Björn Waldegård and Stig Blomqvist. Safari legend Björn won the 2007 Midnight Sun in a Porsche, and Stig the 2009 Midnight Sun, driving an RS1800 Escort.

The champions’ steeds have just “had their birthdays” at Tuthill Porsche. The cars have been rewired and some systems overhauled: fuel, braking, fire protection and more. Both are battle-hardened competitors and should serve their famous pilots well. 2.8-litres of high butterfly action in a narrow car on gravel is lots of fun!

The convoy leaves Wardington at 4am tomorrow for a lunchtime boat to Gothenburg and onward drive to the event. We’re hoping for a fun few days, with some good testing after the event. More news as we get it!