New Building Progress Update

As we leave the long winter behind and temperatures start to rise, progress on our new building has also been getting back up to speed. The new building is an exciting development, which will house all of our admin and mechanical services under one roof for the very first time.

Bricklayers are completing their work on the south facing walls and bringing that section up to eaves height. Once that’s done, we’ll be fitting the final roof sections, completing the wall cladding and wrapping up the guttering. With the borders of the building set firm and most of the walls up, the internal space has now been revealed. It’s cavernous compared to our existing buildings, but it won’t take us long to fill it.

A short extension links the new building to the current rally shop and that step from the old into the new is perhaps one of the most exciting elements. Many very successful cars came out of this little building that now serves as an extension to the future. It will be very interesting to work in the new facility. More updates soon!