Updates for bespoke Tuthill Porsche

It’s always an honour when the new owner of one of our bespoke Porsche 911 road cars chooses to stay with Tuthill Porsche for upgrades and servicing. New owners often ask to tweak some details on our previous creations to align their new 911 more in line with their tastes. Of course, we are happy to oblige!

Originally built for trackdays, B-roads and classic Euro touring, this Signal Yellow 911 has been through a number of development stages at Tuthills. First supplied as a bare-shell build with full roll cage and tricks like the centre-fill fuel tank, the first engine was a pre-’73 original tuned for fast road use. We later updated to a 3.0 on carbs and added the full package of bespoke Tuthill suspension and brakes.

Now with a brand new owner, we’ve had the car back to modify certain items. Previously finished in body colour, the dash has been repainted in black with a matching dash top and updates in a few other areas. We’ve converted the rear bumper to suit a new exhaust arrangement and refinished some other parts, too. It’s just about finished and will soon be making its way back to the B-roads of Britain!