New Tuthill 911 Safari build progress report

Our latest Porsche 911 Safari car is approaching the end of its time in the fabrication department. By the time the metalwork is complete, the bodyshell will have spent more than 800 hours in its transformation from a typical production bodyshell of the period, with corrosion issues in the usual places, to an exceptionally strong structure offering protection to its occupants in high speed incidents. The upgraded body also forms the basis for an incredible rally car, proven to be capable of winning the toughest historic motorsport event in the world: the East African Safari Classic Rally.

This 911 has undergone a huge transformation in our workshop. The shell is now seam welded, where the joins between pressed steel panels that were stitched together by electric spot welds at the factory have been bolstered by short runs of weld a few inches apart. This process alone massively increases the torsional strength, but our work does not stop there.

Tuthill Safari cars must meet a detailed configuration with suspension, fuel and oil supply, underbody protection, engine mounts and cooling and cabin environment all requiring substantial metalwork to accomplish effectively. We also alter the exterior panels, rolling the wheel arches, adding retaining systems for headlights, windscreen and rear window, adding additional vents and rally jacking points and fitting roo bars to protect against damage. There is also a substantial roll cage to fit, including double crossover bars in the roof to support the car in case of a roll over.

When one factors in bespoke touches added by our customers to this list of modifications, it is easy to see how the hours stack up. Once the shell has reached the end of its time in the metalwork department, it will be rolled into the body shop, where the process of preparing the car for paint and covering it in its new colours will begin.

The 2019 East African Safari Classic begins at the end of November. Tuthill Porsche currently has four cars entered on the event, including this car. Learn more about the rally on the Safari Classic Rally website and contact us with any enquiries regarding participation in this wonderful event.