Patrik Sandell drives Tuthill Porsche on Midnight Sun

Former Junior World Rally Champion and X Games medallist, Patrik Sandell, will drive for Tuthill Porsche on this year’s Midnight Sun Rally.

Patrik Sandell Porsche Debut Drive

The arrival of Patrik Sandell to Team Tuthill is exciting. Currently competing against the cream of US rallying in the US Red Bull Global Rallycross Championship, Patrik recently took his first series win in Washington, DC. The 2006 Junior World Rally Champ is in tip-top form: ready for his Tuthill Porsche 911 and one of Sweden’s favourite rallies.

“It’s a thrill to have Patrik driving on our team this year,” said Richard. “With that maiden Rallycross win freshly tucked under his belt, confidence is high. Patrik knows our cars well, so this exciting classic rally in the sunny Swedish countryside could spring a surprising result. All eyes will be on Patrik and his Tuthill Porsche 911.”

Midnight Sun Rally History

Starting tomorrow and running until Saturday, the 2014 Midnight Sun celebrates fifty years of this northern European classic. In fact, the event has been around since 1950, when the rally was run as a summer event for fifteen years, until 1964. In 1965, it switched to a winter rally, and became the famous Rally Sweden.

In 2006, Midnight Sun was reborn: a summer rally to take place over winding country roads, as it was in the beginning. Previous winners include Björn Waldegård, Stig Blomqvist and Kenny Brack.

Follow the Midnight Sun Rally on the official rally website. Live timing is also available.