Porsche 911 Rally Car Rebuild: Jig Chassis Straightening

The bare-shell rebuild of 2009 British Historic Rally champion Dessie Nutt’s faithful yellow 911 continues at Tuthill Porsche in Wardington. The car has been on our fabrication workshop chassis jig, ensuring a straight finish.

Following the total strip down of the chassis, the car entered the fabrication workshop where damage from a heavy roll last year was repaired (see previous news article). Newly panelled, OLC was wheeled into our paintshop, where the distinctive yellow was applied before the car was taken to the Historic Rally Car Register open day for a visit.

Once back at base, reassembly could begin in earnest. Fuel, oil and electrical systems were reinstalled, along with the refurbished pedal box and gear shift and linkage. The interior build continued with flock dashtop and refurbed gauges – a combination which makes a strong retro statement, set against the bright yellow metalwork.

Once reassembly is complete, the car will be tested and dyno tuned before the first event of the season: the Bulldog Rally, which takes place in Welshpool, Powys at the end of March. I can hear those engines revving already! We’re also looking forward to the awards dinner, which takes place next weekend in nearby Daventry – be good to hear what everyone has been up to!

Here’s a link to full details of the forthcoming 2010 MSA British Historic Rally Championship.  The championship will be sponsored by Dunlop and by Wonago.com. We’ll keep you up to date with all the news throughout the year!