Latest Tuthill Porsche 911 Engine Developments: MoTeC

Our latest Tuthill Bespoke Porsche 911 road car build has a magnificent engine, built here at Wardington. All of our engine expertise has gone into this build, the crowning glory of which is a set of classic high-butterfly throttle bodies with a twist: electronic fuel injection with full MoTeC engine management system.

Based on a 3-litre case, the bottom end features a GT3 crank with custom rods and pistons. The top end has big-valve heads with sprint camshafts. This first iteration of EFI integration with MoTeC has the injectors on show, but we’re already planning a next-generation system, with more detailed machining delivering more compact injector connections.

Compression for the 3.6-litre twin plug engine has been kept slightly conservative, but the air-cooled flat six is sure to deliver great performance. Power will be between 330-350bhp and torque will be tremendous, as with all of our engines. The throttle response will be light-switch instantaneous and make for a very entertaining road car.

We’ve used EFI systems on previous engines, but this is the first time we’ve built a period looking engine with the MoTeC system. The engine is now being fitted and we’ll road test with a basic map before sending it to the rolling road for finer tuning.