Porsche 911 Safari Cars Rebuild & Restoration

Rebuild and restoration continues on the Tuthill Porsche 911s that took part in the 2012 East African Safari Classic.

The cars did an incredible job to stand up to the terrain of Kenya and Tanzania, but there was a price to pay. Our victory on the event with Björn Waldegard came at a cost to his car’s bodywork and roll cage, and the same is true of everything else that went to Africa.

Steve Troman’s Martini-striped rally car had a great Safari and is one of our favourites. The shell of Steve’s white car took a pounding in the desert, but we’re currently bringing it back to top condition.

Having been through the fabrication shop for a bit of chassis straightening, it’s just emerged from our spray booth with fresh paint to the front, back and sides. The roof escaped surgery, but we painted the inside, and repaired some fractured metalwork. The car now looks almost as good as new: can’t wait to get it liveried up and looking spectacular.

Tuthill Porsche carries out all work on site: chassis repair, new metalwork, preparation and paint all happen here. If your Porsche is in need of a lift, give us a call and let us quote for metalwork or fresh paint: we always have examples of our work available to show new customers. The number here is 01295 750 514.