Tuthill Red Porsche 911 SWB restoration 1

Perfect Porsche 911 SWB Restoration from Tuthill

We’ve been doing so much rally work lately, it’s easy to overlook the busy road car workshop, and our body shop. These hives of activity recently combined to produce this spotless short wheelbase car in Red.

The actual shade of Red is slightly open to interpretation, depending on who you talk to. Our painter, John the Body, insists it is Bahia Red: I’m happy to go with that.

The car is a peach: unspoiled short wheelbase perfection. The narrow steel wheels compliment that perfect exterior, and inside lies the wood-rimmed steering wheel and beautiful ‘Ferrari’ seats. The wooden dash marks it as an early example.

Under the engine lid is the spritely 2-litre engine. As the new owner was looking for something in good condition, but not too good to use, we’ve not overdone the car. Hopefully, you’ll all see it out and about, demonstrating that good intent!

The car’s first public appearance will be the launch of the new 991 at an official Porsche dealer somewhere in the M4 corridor, early in December. Top secret location πŸ™‚