Porsche 911 RSR build Tuthill

Porsche 911 RSR restoration Tuthill

We’ve just started a photo album for our latest Porsche 911 RSR. The album is on our popular Tuthill Porsche Facebook page, and shows some of the work we’ve done to date in recreating another classic 911 race car.

This project began with a Porsche in need of restoration. Worst affected by rust were the rear seat wells and parcel shelf area. This section is complex and difficult to repair properly, so we decided to drill out the panels and replace them completely.

The Facebook album shows this process. The car was bolted to one of our Celette jigs, using a proper 911 bracket set. This way, chassis alignment and integrity would be preserved as we removed these structural panels, now working at a comfortable height.

We often see cars in our workshop coming in that have had work done on structural metalwork while not bolted to a jig. As the difference between a straight wheel and misaligned is in parts of one degree, this is not advised!

Before cutting into structural Porsche metalwork, always ensure your chassis is placed on a jig, using the correct chassis brackets to fit the 911. That bracket set is the key part: a bench on its own is no use for preserving the straightness of a chassis, or accurately repairing something that has been bent in an accident.

If you need help with a rusty 911 chassis or are thinking about building a 911 race car or hot rod, give us a call on 01295 750 514. The photos show the process done properly, by a specialist workshop intimately familiar with the Porsche 911. What would your build pics show if built elsewhere?