Tuthill Porsche 911 Turbo

Porsche 911 Turbo in Classic Black

Since we built our first Porsche Turbo rally car last year for Team Tido to run on the Midnight Sun Rally, 911 Turbo models (the legendary 930) have been arriving in droves at Tuthill Porsche.

Some have come from America, with a couple making the trip into our fabrication workshop for shell preparation. It pains us all to use great condition Turbos for rally cars, but Porsche did make a lot of 911 Turbos over the years, and it makes no sense to use rusty hulks when strength is so critical in a rally build.

Other cars have come for rallying, only for the owners to change their minds, and switch the programme to road preparation. The Turbo seen here is one such example – factory black, with leather and pascha check trim and the requisite Fuchs wheels – now being prepared to go back on the road after a mechanical overhaul.

At a time when classic Porsche values are again beginning to soar, the 930 may find an appreciative audience who see it in a whole new light. Turbos were an important development for Porsche in the 1970s and the technology has always topped the 911 range. Just as the premium mechanical injection 911s have gone on to great heights in prices achieved for the best examples, will the 930 eventually follow? There’s every chance.