Tuthill 911 Class Win on Peking to Paris

A great result for Tuthill Porsche last weekend, as Peter Lovett’s 1965 2-litre Tuthill Porsche 911 claimed first in class and second overall at the end of the 2013 Peking to Paris endurance rally.

Peking to Paris is a huge event, usually running only once every three years. Setting out the 7,600-mile course takes at least twelve months, and driving it at speed takes a full four weeks: across Mongolia’s High Altai plain, the Gobi Desert and through the most remote parts of Asia. The competitors run unsupported by big workshops at every service point and without accompanying service vans, like in the Dakar Rally. It’s how rallying used to be, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

Marathon rallies are a Tuthill fascination, and our bread and butter. We build Porsches that are fast over the roughest terrain, take huge punishment and survive. Peter’s short wheelbase 911 lived up to the ambition of our preparation and took one of the event’s coveted Gold medals, given to competitors who make every test and time control. P2 behind Peking-to-Paris legend and former winner Gerry Crown is a really great result – well done to Peter and his co-driver, Tim Smith.

Further down the order was the 356C Coupe of Phil Cuerel and Rela Hoenner-Zullig. Famous for a Francis Tuthill: Flying Porsche Doctor intervention, the little red Porsche eventually came home 15th in class, 39th overall and with a silver medal to enjoy! What a finish by the Swiss team who really got into the spirit of things.

The next Peking Paris is in 2016. If you’ve got an entry and want to do it properly, get in touch with Tuthills to book your build space now. We’ve sent many cars to the Peking-Paris Rally and they’e all come home in one piece. It is not an easy event to plan for, so get your preparations started early! Call Richard, Paul or Andrew on 01295 750 514.