Porsche 911R-style build in final assembly

Our latest custom-built Porsche project is this very exciting 911R-style ‘hot rod’ bespoke build for an overseas customer. Based on an early SWB shell (as correct for the Porsche 911R: originally from 1967), our team has incorporated a range of unique tweaks and touches during the fabrication stage, to give it a subtle but nonetheless special appearance.

The most obvious change will not escape the eye of a bona fide classic Porsche aficionado: wheel arch flares front and rear. At the back, we used high quality composite rear arch extensions, chemically bonded to closely match the shape of the original steel arch. We have used similar flares many times in the past and they are incredibly strong when bonded correctly. The curves are a fine compliment to the elegant simplicity of the SWB bodyshell.

The front arch flares were not a simple solution. We went with later flared front wings from a 1973 911, with our fabrication experts modifying the front sidelight baskets to take the early SWB sidelight assemblies. The combination is exceptionally attractive and will work very well over period 15″ Fuchs alloy wheels.

Once the car was finished in our paint shop, the hidden corners of the completed bodyshell were treated with a protective wax, to guard against moisture buildup, which could lead to corrosion at a later stage in its life. Our bespoke Porsche builds leave our Wardington workshops far better prepared to weather all climate conditions for decades into the future.

Richard describes this 911R build as the classic Porsche 911 he would build for himself! We have many more subtle engineering additions and trim details to add before assembly is complete and we can hand this 911 over to its new owner. Like all of our Porsche builds designed and engineered specifically to the owner’s requirements, this will be a driver’s 911 and a very worthy addition to the canon of bespoke Tuthill Porsche 911 builds.