Porsche 912 restoration begins

This handsome Porsche 912 has just arrived from overseas for a restoration at Tuthill Porsche. The owner was concerned by rust appearing in the sills and floorpans, so sent the car back to us for inspection and repair.

It is always better to tackle rust as soon as the corrosion is first noticed. We often speak to owners who tell us that they first spotted the rust on their cars several years previously, but “it has not got any worse since then”. This, of course, is never the reality, as rust never sleeps! It is always working away beneath the surface, travelling along the easiest path. By the time the rust breaks through the primer and paint, the problem is significant and has certainly reduced the structural integrity of an older car.

This little 912 is no exception and there is notable corrosion in the sills, floor pans and many other areas. The silver lining is that we have seen many far worse examples! Everything on the 912 can be repaired back to as-new condition, so we’ve now put it on one of our chassis jigs and have started to unstitch the panels requiring replacement. We’ll update you on progress as the project continues.