Porsche 928 GTS at Tuthill Servicing

Car guys love to add personalities to their vehicles. Designers love it too, that’s why they give their car designs ‘faces’; to encourage us to bond with our machines.

I always enjoy having a 928 visit us here at Francis Tuthill’s Porsche workshop. If you buy into the notion that all cars have a character, the arrival of the big V8 coupe is like a scene from West Side Story, where an interloper arrives amidst unsuspecting natives and receives a frosty reception. And who can blame the Flat Six Gang?

The 928 was famously intended to replace the 911, until incoming MD Peter Schutz debunked the distorted vision and threw some development updates at the 911 SC: eventually cutting the roof off, to build Porsche’s first convertible for 18 years. The SC was a success, the follow-up 3.2 Carrera even more so and the 928 remained a niche product rather than a Porsche lynchpin.

We like 928s – who could forget the Gulf Blue 928 we rallied last year – but try to imagine a world where the 928 had actually taken over and caused the demise of the Porsche 911.

I think I need a drink!