Porsche 930 Repaint in Copper Brown Metallic

This early Porsche 930 has just come out of the Tuthill Porsche spray booth, freshly repainted in Copper Brown Metallic. The repaint is part of a programme of updates to make the classic 930 a little more civilised and easy to use.

Having fallen out of fashion for many years, Copper Brown Metallic is very much in vogue at the minute. Introduced as a special order colour on the 1974 impact bumper cars, the colour lasted as an option until the 1980s, when many of the muted Stuttgart browns were replaced by more ostentatious colours, including Guards Red.

The wide range of brown shades offered by Porsche in the mid-1970s was really a sign of the times. As the world map changed through conflict, and the fuel crisis took hold, there was a backlash against the psychedelic colours and optimistic outlook of the late 1960s. These were sombre times, so mournful browns, golds and dark greens became more prevalent amongst those who did not wish to display their wealth so vividly.

Interiors also echoed this natural theme, with plain velours and Berber tweed very common in Porsche trim up to the early 1980s. But as time moved on and displays of personal wealth again became socially acceptable, the vivid trims of Pascha, Porsche logo and sports leather piped in body colour became very popular, as they showed a certain bespoke nature to the high-value Porsche and also allowed some expression of personality.

These days, expressing one’s personality through building a bespoke vintage Porsche is a popular theme. Outlaw Porsche icon, Magnus Walker, has recently built an early 930 in Copper Brown Metallic, and we have also been painting a number of our “Tuthill Bespoke” classic Porsche 911s in elegant colours from the ‘natural’ palette. Alongside this 930 in the workshop and also fresh from a repaint is a lovely 911 3.2 Carrera in Moss Green Metallic: more on this another time.