Porsche 944 16V Ventiler service

This 1988 Porsche 944 16v ‘Ventiler’ was a recent visitor to our classic Porsche service workshop for an MOT and service. A local car since the start of its life, the Guards Red 944 16v was first registered in Northampton and has only had two owners from new, which is quite rare on 944s.

A product of the 1970s collaboration between Porsche and Volkswagen which created the Porsche 924, the Porsche 944 is a well balanced machine which delivers a rewarding driving experience. The 2.5-litre engine up front is linked to the rear mounted ‘transaxle’ transmission by a torque tube, which transmits engine power to the rear of the car.

Putting the gearbox in the back allows the engine to sit further back in the chassis. This allows the very low bonnet line and, combined with pop-up lights, gives the 944 its very sleek lines. The styling has aged exceptionally well and good normally-aspirated 944s like this 16v are now increasing in value at a reasonable rate. The Turbo models have done even better, with good examples of both 220bhp and 250bhp models now topping £30k.

This 944 enjoys regular use throughout the season, clocking up a few thousand miles every year. It is always good to see 944s being used and driving these cars is certainly the best way to keep the mechanical parts in decent condition.

We’re happy to work on all classic Porsche models, so contact us if your classic 944 or 911 needs servicing. Call 01295 750 514 to book a service or email info@tuthillporsche.com to discuss.