Porsche 968 Sport in the Tuthill service workshop

Our road car service workshop enjoyed the company of a very smart Porsche 968 Sport the other day, in for some service work and a freshen-up following purchase.

Top of the list was a suspension overhaul. Things seemed tired with the driver-side rear torsion bar sagging. So, the customer supplied new Koni sport dampers and had us either re-index the torsion bar or fit a new one.

Other jobs included fitting a C-Tek charge point into the front, for effective battery conditioning. We also inspected and photographed the camshafts for the owner’s peace of mind.

With air-cooled 911 prices constantly on the increase, the 968 represents quite good value for money at the minute. This one was originally bought it as a cheap run around, but its superior dynamic qualities inspired the owner to take it a little more seriously, and spend some money to get the car into top condition.

This makes practical as well as financial sense as, not only is the car then ready to go to the ends of the earth, the condition is at a maximum. Maintenance is much easier when the car is in good shape mechanically. Spend a bit to make a bit, as the saying goes.