Three Tuthill Porsche 911s take on Baltic Classic Rally

Three Tuthill-built Porsche 911s will take part in this year’s Baltic Classic Rally, which runs from May 28 to June 10, 2017. Organised by our friends at the Endurance Rally Association, the rally starts in Copenhagen and travels through Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland before eventually finishing in Berlin.

Billed as an ideal starter outing for those who may be new to rallying, as well as more experienced competitors, the rally courses around and across the enigmatic Baltic Sea. Including many sections and stages found on events including the Rally of the Thousand Lakes and Rally Estonia, the scenery is bound to be breathtaking.

Northern Europe benefits from long daylight hours at this time of year, so the competitors – many of whom are husband and wife teams – will have plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of the route without struggling to maintain good speed through the hours of darkness. One such team is David and Susan Danglard, who will be taking their freshly-prepared Porsche 911 seen here on its maiden rally in new hands.

David and Susan are seasoned competitors and the 911 they will be using is one of our most storied examples. Past drivers include Björn Waldegård, Jimmy McRae and our very own Richard, who won a number of rallies using this car. Previous owners have taken the car across the finish line of marathon events including the East African Safari Classic and Morocco Historic rallies. The car spec includes all of our proven upgrades and equipment and it is more than capable of taking a rally win in the right hands: a challenge that David has been happy to accept!

No doubt this rally will be hugely exciting. The competition elements include regularity sections on wide, flowing gravel roads as well as special tests on private land and are run entirely on non-damaging roads. A comfortable overnight stay waits at the end of every day, with two luxury ferry trips also forming part of this superb experience.

For those who may be interested in historic endurance rallying, but have never done any sort of competition driving, our development programmes can take potential competitors from complete novice through driver training and a bespoke rally car build to be ready to rally, anywhere in the world! Contact us to discuss historic rallying and how we can help. We wish each of our clients and all Baltic Classic Rally competitors a fast and safe rally.